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  1. How do I register as tax exempt?

    Instructions to Apply Your Tax-Exempt Status

    Please complete our online tax exemption process. After your tax-exempt status is confirmed, you will not be charged sales tax when you order from us. Just click the button below to start. Before you begin, You should be able to answer these quest...

  2. How do I get a W-9?

    Instructions for W-9 Tax Forms

    For security purposes, we ask that you please Contact Us to obtain a copy of our W-9 form....

  3. Why is the shipping company asking for my identification number?

    Customs-Required Identification Numbers

    When you ship goods into another country, they go through a Customs inspection. Some countries require an identification number for the person who bought the goods. Customs agents use the number to track Tax and Duty that may be owed on the shipment...

  4. What is use tax?

    Definition and Description

    Use tax is similar to sales tax. The difference is who pays the tax to the state. Sales Tax is collected and remitted to the state by the seller. Use tax is paid directly to the state by the buyer. When you buy something over the internet or o...

  5. Will I be charged sales tax?

    Our Sales Tax Policy

    We collect and remit sales tax based on your state and/or local requirements. I wasn't charged tax before. Why now? Tax laws for online sales are changing due to a 2018 Supreme Court Decision. We are making every reasonable effort to com...