Warranty & Recall Information

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  1. Does my part have a warranty?

    Warranty Information

    Most parts we sell carry a manufacturers warranty. The warranty paperwork will be included with your order. You can also find the warranty details on our website in most cases. Search SummitRacing.com® for your part number. Select your part t...

  2. Do I have to pay for return shipping?

    The Cost of Return Shipping

    For most returns, if you use our return shipping label or QR code, a $12.99 return shipping fee will be deducted from your refund. However, if we were at fault in some way and caused the return, please Contact Us and we will waive the return shippin...

  3. The holes are drilled wrong in my line lock!

    Fluid Port Relation to the Threaded Hole

    The fluid ports at the bottom of the threaded holes aren't always perfectly centered. This is due to variations in the manufacturing process. It will NOT affect the operation of the line lock. The threaded holes are designed to use an NPT style f...

  4. My new radiator looks like it's been cut with a saw!

    Spectra Premium Radiator Relief Cuts

    Despite how it may look, the cuts in the radiator rails are NOT a defect. They are stress relief cuts that allow the radiator to expand and contract. This prevents damage to the radiator. As you know, metal grows when it gets hot. Then, it shrink...