Ford 4.6 4-Valve Engine.

The 4.6L 4V engine was first available in the 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII. With a few changes this was the engine that powered the SVT Cobra from 1996 until 2004.

Ford 5.4L 4-Valve Engine.

The 5.4L 4V was introduced in 1999 for the Lincoln Navigator and was used in Fords highest performance cars until 2012.

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Both engines are strong and durable. The factory heads and intakes offer high flow rates making these engines very responsive to cam upgrades, nitrous, and forced induction. With upgraded internals, the block can handle over 1,000 hp.

What's the difference?

The easiest way to tell the difference is to check the 8th digit of the VIN code.

  • A vehicle equipped with the 4.6L will have an 8 and the Mustangs will use an H.
  • A vehicle equipped with the 5.4L will have a VIN code A.

If you don’t have the VIN, you can tell a 5.4L from a 4.6L by looking at the deck height. The 5.4L is about 1 in. taller. You can see this when looking at the area between the head and the bellhousing.

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