If your order status says "shipped" but the tracking information doesn't show movement, don't panic.

For Most Orders

Please allow 24 hours for your tracking information to show movement. This gives the package time to travel from our warehouse to the shipping facility.

Movement information is captured when the package is scanned at transfer points. If your package is traveling cross-country, it may not show any movement for several days. 

If your package is delayed, it will be noted in the carrier's tracking information. Unless noted, we expect your package to be delivered within the estimated time frame.

FedEx Ground Shipping to Canada

Orders shipping to Canada via FedEx Ground go through a special process that will affect the tracking information.

How It Works

  1. Packages to Canada are grouped together.
  2. A single, large shipment is sent to the FedEx facility in Mississauga, Ontario.
  3. The large shipment is processed through Customs.
  4. The shipment is then split up and the packages are sent to each customer.


  • Faster processing through Customs
  • Quicker delivery
  • Lower costs

What it Means to You

Tracking for your order will not show movement for the first few days, while the packages are grouped together. We appreciate your patience and you should expect your package to arrive within the quoted delivery time.

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