Flat Tappet Camshafts

New Flat Tappet Lifters are ALWAYS required for flat tappet cams.

Used flat tappet lifters will have a wear pattern on the face. This wear pattern will prevent the lifter from spinning appropriately. It will cause heavy wear on both surfaces in a very short period of time.

The wear pattern on the camshaft and lifters starts during the Break-In Procedure. This is one reason why following the break-in procedure is so critical. Even if the cam and lifters only run for a short time, they are considered used.

Roller Camshafts

New Roller Lifters are not always required for roller cams.

If you are planning on reusing roller lifters, you should:

  1. Thoroughly clean and inspect each lifter.
  2. Be sure the needle bearings and axle are in good condition and roll smoothly.
  3. Check the lifter body and wheel for cracks, wear, and heat discoloration.
  4. Follow the Break-In Procedure appropriately.


Remember, you can't use roller lifters with a flat tappet cam. You can't use flat tappet lifters with a roller cam.

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