The following applies specifically to UMC ReTech cores (prefix RHH-). Click this link for instructions on How to Return All Other Cores.

Please return UMC ReTech cores to us. The following policies apply:

  • All cores must be returned in the original shipping container.
  • You are liable from any shipping claims due to a failure to drain oil from the core.
  • Unusable cores will be scrapped or returned at the customer's expense.
  • Your refund amount may be reduced as follows:

Transfer Cases

DefectRefund Deduction
Hole in Case50%
Disassembled Unit50%
Missing Yoke$40.00
Missing Extension Housing$40.00
Oil Not Drained$25.00
Missing Motor Core (when applicable)$35.00
Missing Container or Packing Material$100.00
Container Returned without a CoreNo Refund

Transfer Case Shift Motors

DefectRefund Deduction
Broken Wiring Connectors$25.00
Not Type for TypeNo Refund
Not Returned in the Original Container$10.00
Broken Motor Cover (GM Models)$25.00
Cut-Off Wiring Harness$25.00
Disassembled Core$25.00


  • For the best service, please return your core within 90 days of purchase.
  • After the core is processed, we will issue Your Refund.
  • You are responsible for all Return Shipping Charges.
  • In accordance with state and local laws, sales tax charged on core value may be non-refundable.
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