The following applies specifically to Reviva Remanufactured Engines (prefix RVA-). Click this link for instructions on How to Return All Other Cores.

Reviva cores must be returned directly to Reviva Inc. Please follow the instructions below.

The new engine will arrive with a core packet, including:

  • Core Evaluation Form and a plastic bag
  • Core Return Tag
  • Core Return Request Form

Package the Old Engine

  1. Drain all the fluids (including the oil cooler).
  2. Remove and discard the oil filter.
  3. Do not remove the fuel filter(s).
  4. Fill out the required fields on the Core Evaluation Form and Core Return Tag.
  5. Put the Core Evaluation Form in the plastic bag.
  6. Fasten the Core Return Tag and the plastic bag to the engine core.
  7. Secure the old engine in the same container the new engine arrived in.

Schedule a Pickup

  1. Fill out the Core Return Request Form.
  2. Fax it to 1-763-390-3722.

What You Should Expect

  • Reviva Inc. will schedule a carrier to pickup the core.
  • Reviva Inc. will send you the Bill of Lading within 24-48 hours.
  • After the core is received and inspected, we will issue your Refund.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Reviva Core Department at 1-877-357-7634.

Core Returns form Canada

Reviva will send you Customs documentation with the Bill of Lading. Follow these additional steps:

  1. Make 3 copies of the paperwork.
  2. Place each copy in a separate envelope.
  3. Attach 1 copy to the engine.
  4. Give 1 copy to the driver during pickup.
  5. Keep 1 copy for your records.


  • For the best service, please return your core within 90 days of purchase.
  • Deductions will be made from your refund for missing or damaged components.
  • In accordance with state and local laws, sales tax charged on core value may be non-refundable.
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